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Imagine the thrill of going to the prom in a fire engine or being delivered to that special occasion by a full scale fire engine. There is no other unique way to remember such a special event. Hire A Fire Truck can provide you an incomparable experience, whether it be going to dinner, concerts, the theater, dances, weddings or celebrating a very special anniversary. Forget the ubiquitous stretch limos - we have several fire engines from vintage fire trucks to ladder trucks. Hire A Fire Truck can transport you, your family and friends in a style unrivaled in today's transportation services. Whether it be a group or a couple, travel to your next destination via an authentic fire truck. Our fire trucks are tailored to accommodate any occasion from sightseeing tours to shuttle services. Turn your next special event into once in a lifetime memories.

To receive details about the Transportation Services of Hire a Fire Truck, please contact the location nearest you.

Special Occasions
Hire A Fire Truck Inc. can provide you with several types of fire trucks to make any special occasion a great success! We can handle all kinds of events/occasions such as Parades, Promotions/Grand Openings, Photo Opportunities, Fairs, Carnivals, and Convention Rentals. Please call us as early as possible for these special events that occur around holiday and seasonal dates due to these times booking very quickly.

• Parades: Any parade and date, Fourth of July, Christmas, New Years, etc. You can sponsor a fire truck for any group or use it to promote your business or organization. Our fire trucks can carry several people in the cab and hose bed.

•  Promotions: Holiday sales, car sales, grand openings, ground breakings, sidewalk sales, red hot sales, etc. Just imagine the response your business will receive with one or several fire trucks out front in the parking lot. We can elevate your banner/signs up to 100 feet in the air! Not to mention the red flashing lights to attract attention. We can provide special promotions, drawings, and demonstrations. We can provide promotional packages to fit the needs of a large scale shopping center/mall with many fire trucks or a one truck show for smaller business. You will not believe the response that we can generate with our fire trucks and accessories.

•  Pictures: There are lots of options for photo opportunities. From parking one of our fire trucks in a shopping mall to car dealerships, fairs, parks or any other event where parents can take their own photos or you may have a professional photographer on location to take the photos and offer several packages. This concept works well at fairs, grand openings and other event where you wish to attract a lot of people. During holiday seasons, you may want to have the Easter bunny or Santa Claus available. Advertising this event to the public WILL attract a crowd.

•  Fairs, Carnivals, Convention Rental: Our fire trucks may be used for drawing attention to any event as well as other promotions. Our trucks can be used for parking lot shuttles for your event or you may want to offer rides around the parking lot or event grounds. This can be a charge-per-passenger, like any other ride at a fair or carnival. Other ideas include but of course are not limited to allowing kids to climb all over the fire truck, having a safety exhibit and giving brief safety seminars, or use as a photo backdrop. Just by parking one of our big, red fire trucks at your event will insure that you will be the most visited and talked about business! COST: Please call the location nearest you for pricing

Safety Seminars
(May not be available in all areas, contact the location nearest you)

Hire A Fire Truck Inc. can provide your business, corporation, homeowners association, or organization with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize the many diverse fire hazards that are found in today's buildings and work places, as well as the common hazards found in our homes. Our staff is comprised of career Firefighters and Paramedics that work in local fire departments with many years of experience in the fire service.

At H.A.F.T. Inc, we will evaluate your building or work place for target hazards and make recommendations to you that may save your life and possibly many others.

We can teach the use of fire extinguishers with a hands-on approach including a live fire drill. Most adults have never used, or much less, never been shown how to use a fire extinguisher. By having employees that are confident in using an extinguisher, you may very well stop a fire from becoming a fast-moving, free-burning fire.

We can also assist you in designing a fire escape plan for your business or home. Our trained staff will visit your location and make an evaluation. The type of occupancy of your building will be considered to make a fire escape route with at least two exits. We will provide you with copies of the documents upon completion.

H.A.F.T. Inc. offers several different types of classes and seminars such as Fire and Life Safety Awareness, Fire Escape Plans, First Aid Seminars, and Fire Extinguisher Training. Our classes are designed for all age groups from young children to elder adults. Classes can be taught at schools, daycares, churches, business locations, homeowner associations and other organizations.